Club de Mujeres de Yurac Yacu

The Club de Mujeres de Yurac Yacu was established in 2013 as an Andean Alliance Project. The Club as well as the individuals of the group are officially registered as an artisan organization and have just finished their fourth year as an organization. The current board of directors is for the period 2017 – 2019.

The club involves about twenty women of mixed ages, who have been attending twice-weekly knitting and dying classes in the Yurac Yacu Community Development Center.

As Andean women have limited social opportunities, forming a loose cooperative offers them a stimulating, organized and an educational environment. In their classes they improve their skills and learn about small business development.

The women dye the wool from their own sheep using natural plants, flowers and bark from local trees. The members of the Club make sellable items, such as hats, scarves, gloves, socks and stockings. The new products of 2018 are purchased colorful textiles which are finished with embroidery and used as table cloths or runners, vests and new animal hat designs. The group is recognized as one of the few artisanal groups who truly produce their products from their own resources and designs.

These products are sold at the Community Center of Yurac Yacu during the opening season of the Café. The sale price of the products includes not only the costs for materials and the technical support to sustain the program of the Club de Mujeres de Yurac Yacu, but in addition each club member receives the full value of their work.

The group attends actively to local artisanal fairs in Huaraz, such as Bioferia Kolibri and the fairs of the municipality. You can also purchase these products throughout the year from The Last Minute Gift Shop in the center of Huaraz.

The sale of the women’s handicrafts will add to their family’s income and help these women to become empowered in their community. With the support of the Sombrilla International Development Society and the Canadian Home Economics Foundation sewing will be added to the women’s repertoire of skills as a new program of the Andean Alliance. This will benefit both the sale of items and the quality of life for the people engaged in learning how to sew.

Shopping in the Community Center.

The last Minute Gift Shop in Huaraz. (Jr. Lucar y Torre #530, 2nd floor)

The ladies of the Club

Teacher Bertha Minaya de La Cruz (currently on a maternity leave).

Victoria Silverio Lazaro

Nancy Morales Lopez

Melania Caldua Cipiriano

Mayala Silverio Cano

Matilde Gomez Shuan

Maria Gomez Juana

Marcela Mendoza Gomez

Fabiana Anatolia Vargas Minaya

Eugenia Silverio Torres

Elena Colquehuanca Lazaro

Donata Cano Picon

Domatilla Minaya de Vargas




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