Piet Set: Early Childhood Center

piet set 12014 March – December

Piet-Set is a government run program for Early Childhood Stimulation for children from 6 months up to 3 years of age. It is held within the Yurac Yacu Community Center and additionally supported by Andean Alliance.  From Monday to Friday mornings a locally engaged young woman is being trained within this program to watch over the children, secure their nurturing and provide fun activities to develop early childhood skills such as shape and color recognition, mobility and self awareness. In addition it provides the setting to develop much needed skills such as socialization, peer awareness and respect, personal hygiene, independent play and decision making. This program coincides with the Pre-School and is a natural stepping stone for children to enter it.

Mothers have realized the importance of allowing their children access to this program both for the child’s development and the realization that it also frees them up to dedicate time to knitting and other necessary tasks related to their homes and communities.

The caregivers fees are paid by the program with Andean Alliance providing needed additional funding for teaching supplies, nutritional snacks and methodology training.

We welcome input and support from people with interest and skills in this level of education. Any donations received will be used to future this program by purchasing materials, a healthy snack program and teacher training.

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