Pre-school Los Girasoles

Daily expeditions into the fields with profesora Soledad and profesora Yesenia.

Fun and stimulating classes are provided five mornings a week by a local trained teacher and helper for children from 3 up to 5 years of age. The educational methodology follows practices of the Waldorf, Montessori and like models. It focuses on developing a variety of educational skills and personal / social development. Children are taught by combining community, outdoor and classroom environments. Much attention is paid to developing independent thinking and decision making, being responsible, appropriate level of risk taking, cognitive and practical use of what they learn.

We work with children to be aware of who they are within themselves, their family and community. Having access to the library and computer area is a great benefit for literacy and comprehension. Part of the concept is  to link activities with what they learn, reinforce by practical application, use art, music, science and gardening to help make connections. Communication, Math (pre-math) and organized play is also part of the curriculum. Mothers are involved to foster greater understanding of the child´s development needs.


 The classroom



Classes and activities

20140316 3

Learning the letters of each kids name.

girasoles reading

Reading and Listening.

girasoles brush teeth

Brushing teeth after the fruit refreshment in the morning.

girasoles garden

Preparing their own vegetable garden.

girasoles ice cream

On special days there is even time for ice cream.


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