Andean Alliance was established as a family based “grassroots” organization to improve the lives of their neighbours by enhancing access to opportunities not handouts.

“People need dignity as much as food and water. It’s as much a tragedy to deprive parents of their pride in seeing their children grow up strong as a result of their hard work and sacrifice as it is for people to die of neglect … simply because human dignity and the human spirit are essential to solving our global problems. To destroy that in favour of keeping people physically alive is to put humanity on permanent life support. We need to meet human needs in a way that enhances individual self dignity, respect and capabilities.”

Andean Alliance recognizes that there can be no real security, peace and prosperity in the Andean region, or anywhere, while large numbers of people are left outside the doors of opportunity.  Peace and prosperity can only be achieved by countless citizens working together through countless local initiatives to ensure that all those who are committed to improving their lives have the opportunity to do so.

Andean Alliance is based in Huaraz, Peru, at the base of the spectacular Cordillera Blanca Mountains. Our basic objectives are:

1)    To strengthen the economic income base of Andean communities and foster their inclusion into the formal economy via skills training and small business development while conserving Andean cultural traditions.
2)    To strengthen the social capital of Andean communities by implementing educational, sports and youth development programs.
2)    To support improved natural resource management and conservation practices among the Andean people.

Andean Alliance is focused on supporting “grass roots” community development planning capabilities and implementing programs that strengthen the educational and economic base of Andean communities while enhancing their social and environmental conditions. We are dedicated to raising funds through innovative non-government channels that includes everything from simple donations from concerned citizens to the establishment of profitable community businesses.

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