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The success of all Andean Alliance projects has been because of donations from people of many walks of life, those who have come to know us personally or have heard about us and believe in what we are doing. All donations go directly to the various programs outlined by Andean Alliance (see project page).

When the Yurac Yacu Center is up and running, income generated will help to offset the educational costs.

Donations are presently needed for the following:

1. Construction of phase two of the Yurac Yacu Community Development Center. Phase one was officially launched on December 4th, 2010 and houses the Early Childhood Program with space for primary and secondary school summer classes.

2. Supplies to keep the educational area going.

3. Nutritional food for the local school and center.

4. A program for teaching illiterate women in the area how to read and to use basic math.

5. To use as micro loans to buy wool for women to knit items to be sold for fundraising.

6. To buy books for the community library.

7. To help pay for skill training for those who will take a role in managing the income generating areas.

8. To fund sport events, prizes, and weekly training with a paid coach from Huaraz.

Donations can be earmarked for a specific project or for use in general.

How to Donate

There are a variety of ways in which you can make your most needed donation.

1. Donate to Our Partner Organisation, Sombrilla, Online Now – Credit Card or PayPal
Donate Now Through!
Canada Helps is a fast and secure way for all nationalities to donate by credit card or Paypal.

Please select Yurac Yacu Project from the “Fund/Designation” drop down list.

These donations are accepted for the Yurac Yacu project by our partner NGO Sombrilla, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada . They are well known by us and bring 25 years of experience of fund raising and project management. They will accept donations in Canada for the Yurac Yacu project and issue you a tax receipt in Canada.

2. Monthly Donation

Through Canada Helps you can set up a monthly donation for the Yurac Yacu project. Just select repeating donation and the amount selected will be deducted monthly from your credit card. In the message box please mention Yurac Yacu.

We have monthly donators who are helping with the nutritional program and individual education programs. We will send you a quarterly newsletter with updates on the programme you are supporting.

3. Bank Deposit

In Canada a deposit can be made into the Alberta Treasury Bank in Alberta or the T.D. Canada Trust all over the country.

In Peru donations can be made into our Andean Alliance Scotia Bank Account or sent directly to us.

Please contact us for bank details.


Sombrilla can accept Canadian cheques or money orders for the Yurac Yacu project.  See details here.