Huaraz, Peru

Let us show you our causes that you can contribute to. We can keep you in-the-loop on where your money is being spent, and we are grateful that you are supportive of our local community in Huaraz, Peru.

Our Causes

Help us by funding our causes,
so that we can keep helping our community.

Yurac Yacu Café

Providing an opportunity to learn to run a micro business, local employment, purchases, use of organic greenhouse produce, refine cooking skills and profits used to support the early childhood program are all the reasons why Café Yurac Yacu was started in 2013.

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Pre-School Education

We believe in providing the opportunity for the local pre-school children to develop a strong skill base to use when entering first grade. By using practical concepts such as problem solving, risk taking, investigating, creativity, responsibility, decision making while learning the basics of math, communication, science/investigation, play, music, art they build upon these skills to be stronger and more independent students.

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Food Security Project

Food Security stipulates that people should have social, economic and physical daily access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food. Contributing factors such as populations living over 3000 meters in altitude suffer from vitamin A and other mineral deficiencies, negative effects of climate change on water resources, weather and temperature changes in addition to unsecure work and income generating opportunities are some of the reasons that motivated Andean Alliance and its counterparts to seek a longer-term solution for small scale food production

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General Donation

Support the Andean Alliance in general maintenance of our community center, funding new projects or initiatives, or propose a way to help us evolve. We appreciate your support.

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