Huaraz, Peru

The Rural Andean Communities have a strong connection to animal husbandry and the cultivation of grains and tubers that can be preserved for long periods of time thereby providing sustenance throughout the year. Although this is culturally and economically important, these practices do not provide the much needed minerals and vitamins that come from fresh, colorful produce.  The nutrition derived from fresh produce impacts children’s development in the early years as well as pregnant women. Andean Alliance is working with the children in our preschool program and families with greenhouses in a variety of ways.

The preschool program provides education for up to 12 children. Within an ample and varied program there is a strong component connected to the growing and preparation of vegetables. The school has a greenhouse on site and both parents and children participate in the planting and care of it. Every week there is a cooking morning where parents rotate to prepare healthful quick meals with the children. Everyone learns to observe the food, wash and cut, mix and cook, and enjoy eating it together. These dishes range from fruit and vegetable salads to soups, stir-fries and breakfast items. The diminished use of sugar and oils is encouraged and alternative methods are provided. Children practice communication and math skills by learning what a recipe provides and how to use it. After devouring the meal, the children recreate the meal by drawing what they want to share of the experience. During the 3 years in the school the children start to savor the tasty meals and form lifelong healthy habits.

Part of the greenhouse project is composed of a set of required cooking classes in the kitchen of the Yurac Yacu Community Center. Given that Peruvians do not use and eat vegetables, people need to learn how and when to use them. Working with local women who understand recipes, cooking processes and the Quechua language, recipients participate in 6 cooking classes. The goal is to provide alternative meals utilizing the greenhouse vegetables while using grains and tubers from the farms. As most have never learned what a recipe is or how to follow directions we work with small groups and time is taken to go through the process and they work together to make a meal. There are many moments of laughter, moments of insecurity, and the final reward, sharing the meal. These classes are offered on a yearly basis for people who wish to continue.

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Donation Purposes:

o By yearly cooking classes using greenhouse produce. Includes trainer and product $30.00 per person (up to 30 people)

o New greenhouses (minimum 3 contact us directly for costs)

o Development of local community greenhouse food market (contact us directly for costs)

o Payment of support person who visits the greenhouse 2 – 3 times a year to evaluate progress, help to problem solve $400.00 a year

o Yearly workshops on making organic pest controls and fertilizers. Covers trainer and materials $30.00 per person (up to 40 people)