The Food Security project focuses on creating  safety and stability of food and nutrition for our local community.

A project to support our local community

Food Security Project

Food Security stipulates that people should have social, economic and physical daily access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food. Contributing factors such as populations living over 3000 meters in altitude suffer from vitamin A and other mineral deficiencies, negative effects of climate change on water resources, weather and temperature changes in addition to unsecure work and income generating opportunities are some of the reasons that motivated Andean Alliance and its counterparts to seek a longer-term solution for small scale food production .With this in mind, Andean Alliance implemented a local greenhouse project which has seen 52 families participating over a three-year period.

Greenhouses allow the locals to grow food effectively

Local Greenhouses

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Educating our community on nutrition and farming

Food & Nutrition Education

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We are trying to help our community grow, help us.