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Knitting Club de Mujeres de Yurac Yacu | 2020 Update

The Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020 has had a direct effect on the kitting group as well. Still a great group of lively women, they have stored their products for now and are dedicating time to their farms, food production, and greenhouses in addition to home schooling their children. The regular meetings and group activities are on hold until the situation becomes a healthier and securer one for them. The loss of income so far this year has been a big blow for the women as for many it was a noticeable income supplement in their homes. 

The club needs people to see their work as artisans and without tourism in the area and with travel restrictions, there are no physical markets for them. When they can they will start to meet again, see how the group wants to go forward, and take the steps needed to continue.

The new Andean Alliance web page will be featuring more of their work and ways in which you might be able to order products or help.

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