Long Term Positions


1. Micro Business Developer for Rural Indigenous Women´s Knitting and Sewing Group

Length of Commitment: 6 months – 1 year

Women´s Knitting and Sewing Group (Club de Mujeres) was established in 2013 as an Andean Alliance program with the support of the Sombrilla International Development Society from Canada. The Yurac Yacu Club de Mujeres involves many women of mixed ages, who meet twice a week in the Community Center to take knitting and dying classes.

As Andean women have limited social opportunities, forming a loose cooperative offers them a stimulating, organized and an educational environment. In their classes they improve their skills and learn about small business development.

The sale price of their products includes not only the costs for materials and the technical support to sustain their program, but in addition each club member receives the full value of their work. The club knits and crotchets hats, gloves, scarves, socks and slippers by hand using the wool from their sheep. The wool is dyed by using natural plants, flowers and tree bark from the area.

This volunteer position is perfect for someone with experience in running a micro business and is interested in knitting, sewing, crotchet, textiles or handicrafts in general. The main part of the work is to develop the group and make it more cohesive. The group needs to get stronger and it needs to attract more committed members from the local area to be able to make more products for sale. The other side of the work is to develop a short and long term business plan for the group. In the plan and her daily work the volunteer will be dealing such things as product development, pricing, quality control, plan of where to sell, marketing (web page, brochures) and developing the group dynamics.

The volunteer should be creative and active in creating new efficient ways of marketing and increasing the visibility of the Club and its products and people´s awareness of its existence in the area. The volunteer will be working closely with the local knitting teacher and the members of the Club.

Essential skills:

  • Managing people and group development
  • Ability to communicate in basic Spanish and English
  • Teamwork as well as independent working
  • Good communicator, organized, energetic

Desired skills:

  • Experience in running a micro business
  • Knitting, sewing, crotchet, dyeing, handicrafts
  • Marketing


Costs for volunteering differ for each volunteer. This is based on length of time committed to the project, the skill set brought with them and ability to fund raise. For more details please contact


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2. Administrator for Andean Alliance

School Opening with the Community President.

Length of Commitment: Minimum 1 – 2 years

Andean Alliance is a Peruvian registered Grassroots Organization (Asociación Civil), based in Huaraz, Peru. Andean Alliance is focused on supporting “grass roots” community development planning capabilities and implementing programs that strengthen the educational and economic base of Andean communities while enhancing their social and environmental conditions.

One of the key projects by Andean Alliance is The Yurac Yacu Community Center. It is a great example of combining educational programs with small business to support it while creating local employment. In addition, the use of the center is growing as people are recognizing the opportunities it offers not only in its educational programs but workshops, visual presentations, cooking classes, women’s knitting and sewing group and a young people’s orchestra and outdoor education / local guiding program. In addition there is now a seasonal community run Café, kiosk for selling women’s knitting and local youth guiding services. The holistic concept of a community center is meant to show and fulfill the concept of a gathering place which provides activities and opportunities for families, their members and the community.

The core aspect of this exciting position is to focus on the Community Center. The volunteer will develop and work on a 1 – 5 year plan for the Community Center focusing on the concept of sustainability. The Community Center needs to become self-governing and sustainable. Therefore the volunteer will be involved in training people, skill developing and program developing. The work includes regular evaluation, frequent observation and making changes where needed.

The other side of the position is related directly to Andean Alliance. The volunteer will be involved with fund raising, strategic placement of the ngo (in web, brochures, etc.) and working with other volunteers since one of the tasks is to fill in the other volunteer positions.

This is an exciting position for someone who is well organized and motivated by making connections and opportunities available for local people who will directly benefit from it. You need to be interested in being involved with a rural community, with people of all ages and economic backgrounds.

Essential Skills: Ability to communicate in basic English and Spanish, community service, developing a project in or out of your community, ability to work independently and in a group, computer skills, demonstrate experience in administration and promotion of small business either in an international area or your rural area, leadership, organizational, independence and motivational skills

Desired skills: experience on administrating ngo, working with youth, travel experience outside of your home country, art, education and outdoor skills, environment and farming.


Costs for volunteering differ for each volunteer. This is based on length of time committed to the project, the skill set brought with them and ability to fund raise. For more details please contact us.

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