Volunteering for Andean Alliance

Many of the projects undertaken by Andean Alliance would not happen if it were not for people who wish to share their time and experiences with others to help develop and sustain economic and educational programs on a long-term basis.

We are located in an area where most families and individuals are marginalized by a lack of access to basic necessities and therefore continually struggle to provide for themselves. Like other people most have a desire to educate their children, learn new skills and techniques, have an income and break out of the cycle which keeps them forever in a level of poverty and within the familiar local surroundings which is all they know.

Our projects and programs have been developed by meeting with our neighbors to discuss their challenges and opportunities, and by working together to address their needs. No program would happen without their involvement and support. It is with them and ourselves that you as a volunteer will work.

Whether it be education of young children, sports activities or small business development you will become involved with the inner workings of a rural population and their day to day activities, needs, customs and dreams.

Location & Climate

Huaraz is located 400 km NE (an 8 hour bus ride) from Lima. The project site lies at an altitude of 3650m. asl in the Cordillera Blanca Mountain Range and an hour´s walk from a taxi to town. It is a mountain climate with two seasons: the winter months from May to October where the skies tend to be very clear and the nights cold (especially June-August) with little rain.

November to April is the summer or rainy season with milder temperatures and most rain falling in February and March. The rain, wet as it is, is the key for agriculture here and everything changes from brown to green.


At this time accommodation is provided at The Lazy Dog Inn. There is a basic but comfortable cabin with 3 small sleeping rooms, a shared bathroom and small kitchen area. Some meals are taken in the main lodge either with guests of the Inn or on your own. As the Inn also plays an intricate role in providing income for the area and receiving donations and support from guests they enjoy knowing about your experiences as a volunteer.


The location is ideal for people who enjoy the mountains and being outside. It is suitable for people who like walking, are comfortable at altitude and are self-starters and self-motivated. On free time, Huaraz offers restaurants, cafes, bars, food shopping, bank machines and other tourist services. Long weekends and breaks can be spent in the Callejon de Huaylas (the valley Huaraz is situated in), taking an overnight bus to the coast or camping in the mountains. You can even attempt mountain climbs to over 6000 mtrs!


There are no stores, restaurants or televisions to be accessed from here without going to town. The Inn does have WIFI internet with connection speeds to support programs like Skype. However, keep in mind that the neighbors have lots to share, and it is limited only by yourself as to your venturing out to know them.

We provide a recommended list of what to bring with you and will answer your questions about what is available. Your basic travel vaccines should suffice for the high mountains; however should you chose to travel into other areas you will need to contact your health official for additional vaccines or medications.

See the long term and short term volunteering roles that are currently available.