Huaraz, Peru

Providing an opportunity to learn to run a micro business, local employment, purchases, use of organic greenhouse produce, refine cooking skills and profits used to support the early childhood program are all the reasons why Café Yurac Yacu was started in 2013. A small business housed in the Yurac Yacu community center, it employs 6 women and is open seasonally from June through September when tourism is it at its peak. Drawing from people’s desire for experiential tourism and a need to acclimatize, a small but tasteful, healthful menu is provided while sitting in a spectacular outdoor setting and having direct contact with the local community.

Combining long term business strategies and motivated people were 2 keys to starting the Café.  Focusing on women to form the café team of cooks and servers, interviews were conducted and staff were hired. Not having an experienced group of people to choose from staff were chosen based on desire, motivation, communication skills and availability. Andean Alliance has provided the infrastructure needed to set the framework for a microbusiness. Training still includes the segments of kitchen training, food preparation, hygiene, table service to the customer, selling techniques and billing. In addition, there are the points of inventory, recording sales, shopping lists, schedules, payroll and other aspects of running a microbusiness.

Situated at 3500 meters and an easy 8 km from Huaraz the location offers spectacular views, local community connections and a chance to acclimatize in a rural environment. Different ways to arrive to the Café include short “collectivo combi rides” and walks on quiet country roads passing by the local farms and peoples.

Freshly prepared food is served from 11 am until 4 pm while seated at one of the chozas with a view or tables on the patio. All items are made on site, using as many ingredients purchased from neighbors, and prepared when ordered. Enjoy the quinoa salads, quesadillas, creative stir-fries, sandwiches and finish with our famous hot brownies and ice cream. Combine this with an ice cold Sierra Andina beer, lemonade or fresh herbal teas. Make sure you come with an appetite !!

While at the Café we can happily give you a tour of the community center where you can have a look at the hand knitted products by the women´s knitting cooperative (you find the right hat for you or a gift), the early childhood area, computer center and the children’s green house.

We are happy to do special larger group lunches upon prior arrangements. A pachamanca del horno o olla can be prepared for a minimum of 10 people with prior notice. Additionally, if you have a group that would like a private tour and talk about community development and the project please be in touch to arrange a meeting and a lunch afterwards.

Make A Donation To The Café

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Donating helps us enormously! If you are looking to make a donation in a personalised way or on a recurring basis, don’t hesitate to use the contact form below. We’ll be very happy to help. If making a simple donation, all you have to do with write in the donation now how you’d like us to use your donation.

Your donation can be used in the following ways. Please leave it in the payment note with your donation telling us how you’d like to see it used and how you’d like us to keep you informed.

If you leave no note, we’ll use your donation the best way we see fit to help our community here in Huaraz, Peru.

Donation Purposes:

o Replace and repair used kitchen equipment and tables and chairs (varies each year)

o Yearly training classes for new staff and for interested neighbors. Includes wage paid to trainer and food supplies $30.00 per person (up to 15 people)

o Web based advertising ($100.00)

o Yearly local advertising ($150.00)